Unexpected Wonderful Weekend…

Don’t you just love when you go into a weekend not knowing what you have planned or what to expect and it ends up being fantastic? I love weekends like that – especially when I am surrounded by such amazing friends – both new and old. I must say, life has been pretty amazing lately – even with all of the crazy changes going on (I will write about those at a later date). I really thought not traveling for work was going to be a major bummer but it has been to be the total opposite. Don’t get me wrong, I miss the craziness of the airport but I have really begun to make some amazing friends in Seattle and for that I am thankful. I will admit – I would not like it up here as much if it weren’t for the friendships I have made (some still in the blossoming stage but it sure is beautiful!).

As you know (or might have read), last weekend I went to dinner and a movie with a friend and had a wonderful time. We both enjoyed each others company that we decided to get together this weekend and hang out Friday night and walk/hike some trails on Saturday morning. I was so excited to spend time with him but really excited to ride the ferry over again!

Thinking I could model for the Washington State Ferry...

Thinking I could model for the Washington State Ferry… 🙂

We really got to know each other a lot more through talking and spending time together this weekend and that was awesome. I already thought he was great since he was from the south and we share a lot of the same view points on life but getting to know him on a deeper level was awesome. It is nice to be around people who understand where I am coming from. This is definitely one friendship I look forward to growing and seeing how beautiful it can be when it fully blossoms.

Saturday night had an unexpected last-minute change of plans but I will say, it turned out to be fantastic! I love having friends with little kids – especially when they welcome me into their life and let me be a part of the little ones life (who doesn’t love being an aunt?)! I was going to give mommy and daddy a night out but plans changed and we had a “family” night out – we did dinner and walked around the mall. I must say, the stories from that night are hilarious! From blow-outs to broken things in the store – definitely one for the books. Best quote of the night while I am looking at the sweet twins…”You still want kids, Julie?”.

Now, Sunday morning…my special day when I usually treat myself to brunch (my girl Kim knows if I message her Saturday night it is to figure out where we are doing brunch). Well this Sunday was different, we were having a girls brunch with an amazing lady Kim introduced me to a few weeks ago and the lady who introduced them. They had figured out a place to go (Tilikum) and made reservations. Sounds awesome right? Well, the food was delicious and I will definitely be adding it to my list of brunch places but the street signs and construction work in Seattle…not so awesome! They had all kinds of streets shut down and after going out-of-the-way by about a mile, I finally decided to park in my usual spot since the GPS said it was only .2 miles to where I was going. I started walking and walking….and walking…all the way to the freaking market! At this point, I was late (and I would have been early) and frustrated and told the girls to just eat without me and I was sorry. As I am walking up to my car, I realize that I parked right in front of the street the restaurant was on! Thanks to the construction work, the sign had been taken down on my side of the street and I didn’t even know! So, 30 minutes later, I finally made it to the restaurant and met the fabulous ladies (thankfully our table wasn’t ready on time so I was just a few minutes late – or so they told me). We had a delicious meal and fantastic conversation and even talked about planning a girls trip. After brunch, Kim and I walked down to the market and chatted about all kinds of things. We stopped at the Cherry Street Coffee Shop and enjoyed a delicious beverage and chatted some more (yep, we chat a lot!). I think the coffee cup said it all and really made me think about how fabulous this weekend was…

Yep - all you need is love!

Yep – all we need is love!

After coffee, I went home to pick up a friend who is moving here and take him to Bellevue where he will be living temporarily and to get him something to eat. Kim and Tali came out to meet us (I think it is good for him to know someone in the area he will be living in case something comes up and needs help ). We had a fantastic time chatting and getting to know each other.

Me and Tali at dinner

Me and Tali at dinner

Overall, this weekend was full of unexpected great times with even greater people. Life is looking pretty darn amazing right now and I am so excited to be able to share it with everyone.

Until next time…xoxo – Julie


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