More to you than your money, Mr Micrsoft…

So, this blog is about my adventures of being a single, southern belle settling into Seattle so one of the exciting things I get to do now that I am not traveling is attempt dating. I have never really focused on it nor have I cared about it but now that I am getting older, not traveling as much for work, and have established myself in my career, I figured I might as well. We all know that Seattle is full of Engineers (thanks Boeing) and tech people (thanks Microsoft, Google, Amazon, etc)…and of course, we know how social they are [not]. The social skills of people in PNW leave little to be desired unless you are talking over some technological device – then they are okay. All that being said, you can imagine how dating is here…99.9% online.

I never really had (or do have) a desire to date online because I feel that relationships should happen organically (and I am super old-fashioned) but I thought, “What the heck – when in Rome”…and started to play around on there.Some people really enjoy it; however, I think it is the most annoying thing and it doesn’t really tickle my fancy. There are very few that pass my looks credentials (yep, I said it) and the ones that do all seem to work for Microsoft.

If there is one thing I have learned on my two first dates with guys from Microsoft is that they think money defines them which makes sense since most of them don’t have a personality; however, it does not make me like them or their arrogant personality. It is really sad how quickly I can see their interest in me change once they realize I have a good job, can pay my own bills, pump my own gas, travel alone, and have no desire in changing that. It seems like men with money and no social skills want a bimbo who will do whatever they say and be happy spending their money. They really don’t know what to do with a successful female who doesn’t “need” them. I get the whole “money defining you” though – I have a few friends like that. Unfortunately, people who have money or have been around money – don’t get excited by it like those who have just gotten it.

My most recent Microsoft date was a lunch date in Bellevue before I headed to work. We had some great conversations beforehand and I was actually looking forward to meeting him… until we sat down to eat. I swear it was the most difficult job interview I had ever been on. Yep – I was being interviewed. “What do you do for Boeing?” “WOW! You have done rather well for yourself.” “What are goals for the next 5, 10, 15 years?” “Would you move somewhere else for a job?” “Would you move somewhere else for a guy?” I about choked on that one. Finally, I had to remind him he wasn’t interviewing me for Microsoft and he laughed and told me he just hadn’t gotten out of work mode yet. Made me wonder if he ever did. We started to have good conversation and the time flew by. When we went to leave, he gave me a hug and said, “Let’s keep in touch.” I know what that means in guy terms – I wouldn’t be hearing from him again.

How wrong I was. I actually got a text from him that night while I was at work that read, “Hi Julie, thanks for meeting me for lunch. I enjoyed my food and the conversation. Unfortunately, you look better in pictures and I felt no chemistry when I saw you in person so I don’t want to waste time being friends. Best of luck and update your pictures.” Um, thank you?

Needless to say, I am starting to re-evaluate what I want in a man and how to approach this whole online dating thing. I thought it would be a way to make friends but I am starting to think I don’t really want too many friends in Seattle and that guys here (and I am sure everywhere else) don’t care to be friends with a girl. I guess my days of having lots of guy friends is over…which will be covered in my next blog about Navy Boy…

Until next time…XOXO…Julie