No More Navy Boy…

Logo_USNI guess it is true – all good things must come to an end; however, after some time away from him I am starting to wonder if that “something” was actually good. So, I started talking to Navy boy around January of 2013 but we never actually met until this summer. Our friendship started out in such a weird way but it was fun. Apparently we met on an online site (must have been when I was in Japan and my friends signed me up) and then became friends on facebook. We would message back and forth and follow each others journeys through social media. This summer we really started talking more often and finally switched phone numbers…right before he went out on the submarine. So, we resorted to emailing. A good friend (more like family) of mine was in the Navy years ago told me I should email him as much as possible so he has something to look forward to – so I did. I think one of them started out along the lines of…Hi Chris! I don’t really know you but I feel like I do so I am just going to write as if we are the best of friends…and that started our stronger bond. I looked forward to getting his emails and was really getting to know him. When he came back in town, we started talking about getting together and hanging out – but out schedules never lined up.  I asked what his plans for the 4th of July were because my friend Kim told me I could bring him to the get together at her house but he had a friend coming to visit. Apparently, that friend, was a girlfriend from back home in Nashville that he never told me about. They broke up shortly after her visit up and we started hanging out on the weekends (remember my ferry rides?) and talking every day. We would motivate and encourage each other everyday to work out by sending pictures after our workouts (dorky, I know but it worked – you didn’t want to be the one without a picture that day).

After his first day working out and running :)

After his first day working out and running 🙂

We would have dinner together, grab drinks, hang out on the Navy base, and my favorite – sit down by the water on the dock and just talk while admiring the beautiful stars. I took the ferry over to have dinner with him the weekend before his birthday and it was different – almost like he was pulling away a little. I thought maybe it was just his way of emotionally disconnecting before going back out on the submarine in the next month but it turned out to be more than that. I told him to think about what he wanted to do for his birthday and let me know since I had the weekend off from work and wanted to make sure he didn’t spend it alone (since his family is back in Nashville). He told me he didn’t want to do anything since he couldn’t be with his family and friends (talk about a punch in the stomach) and I told him he had a friend here and she wanted to make sure his birthday was special. I had made a birthday present for him and was super excited to give it to him the next weekend…well, there was no next weekend. I heard from him less and less throughout the weekend and then nothing from Thursday – Monday. I posted on his facebook wall and he “liked” that almost immediately. I sent him a text message that said, “Hi Chris! Haven’t talked to you in a few days so I hope you are having a fabulous birthday weekend!” Harmless message, right? WRONG! He text me back that Monday night saying that he didn’t to talk to me anymore. He then followed up with a note about how I knew he had just broken up with his girlfriend and we could have dated if I had just been patient and that my clingy message Sunday freaked him out. I have still yet to figure out how that was clingy but I guess I won’t tell someone that I haven’t heard from them in a few days again. I didn’t talk to him after that and a week later I got a call from a number I didn’t know on my way home from work so I answered – I assumed it was one of my employees – boy was I wrong! A girl on the other end of the line started telling me I was crazy and needed to move on because she met Chris on his birthday weekend (the one before I got the phone call) and that they are madly in love and engaged. I told her congrats and then something sarcastic/smartass and then hung up. Needless to say, that was the last time we talked. I sent him a text on Veteran’s Day thanking him for his service in the Navy and heard nothing back (didn’t expect to). I know from our conversations that he is out on the submarine now and will be spending the holidays under the water and I want to email and let him know he isn’t forgotten but I don’t want to make those long, hard times on the submarine worse so I am fighting the urge. I still care about him as a person and a friend and hope that one day we can be friends again. If we can’t, then I hope he finds happiness wherever his journey in life takes him. So, I am sad to say for now, no more Navy Boy…

The first picture he sent me when he got back on land after being on the sub...

The first picture he sent me when he got back on land after being on the sub…

Until next time…..xoxo…Julie


One thought on “No More Navy Boy…

  1. tmgalletti says:

    jackass! I’m sorry but he’s immature and you didn’t deserve that! Little boy who doesn’t appreciate a real woman! 😊

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