Let me introduce to Rental Car guy…

I know I always say I will do a better job about blogging more often but never do…well this time is different…I finally gave in and bought myself a MacBook Air so let the  frequent blogging begin! Now, back to the real point of this blog…

I have hesitated blogging about Rental Car guy because I really liked him and thought it could turn into something and didn’t want to jinx it but now that I think the whole thing is over – we have 6+ weeks to catch up on!

Apparently, I signed up for eHarmony when I lived in Philly. I never wanted to pay for it since I never got much from it – and had forgotten I even signed up. Well, one night I am playing on the iPad after work and see that I have message from someone on there so I logged on. Since I have never paid for it, I can never see their pictures and can only respond during “free communication weekends” – thank you patient guys!

Rental Car guy and I exchanged messages and then I sent him my email so I could keep talking to him after the free communication weekend was over. He sent me the first email on January 27th and we had made plans for February 8th (I know, it is over a week away but that’s what happens when you have my crazy work life!).

Like I said, I can’t see what the people look like because I don’t pay for a subscription so I asked him to send me a picture. He sent a sweet picture of him and his niece.I must admit, I wasn’t sure if there was going to be a physical attraction at first but I had enjoyed our communication and decided to go for it and give it a chance. He was such a gentleman and offered to pick me up for the date. As much as I wanted to say yes, I said we would meet at the restaurant – safety first! Fast forward to the weekend we are supposed to meet…I get an email from him apologizing for him asking but “could we reschedule because something came up”. Because I had just had a guy do that two weeks prior and then never get back to me, I wanted to respond something smart-assy but decided to give him a chance and not punish him because of other stupid guys…so we rescheduled for the following week (the day after Valentine’s to be exact).

We decided to meet at Purple Wine Bar in Woodinville. I was a little skeptical at first going there since the last time I met a date at Purple (the one in Bellevue) the guy sent me a text later saying I wasn’t attractive in person (anyone remember Microsoft guy?) but figured a good glass of wine would calm my nerves. When Rental Car guy walked up I got a little nervous but was calmed down immediately when he smiled and we introduced ourselves. He was much cuter in person and I had a little butterfly in my tummy. The wait was about 30 minutes and we were hungry so we decided to head over to another restaurant – Hollywood Cafe/Tavern. They didn’t have wine there which was totally okay since I felt so comfortable with him at this point.  We had great conversation, enjoyed a wonderful meal, and had already made plans for the following weekend before we left dinner…thanks to me! When the bill came, I went to get my wallet (a girl has to at least offer to pay, right?) and he said, “Put that away, I got it!” I then responded, “Well, thanks. I got it next time.” He then said, “Oh there is a next time?” I blushed and said “Umm… if you want.” He smiled and said “I was hoping there would be.”

We finished up dinner and he drove me back to my car (we had to drive from Purple to Hollywood Cafe). When we got there, I giggled because I didn’t know what to do then. He asked what I was laughing at and I told him because I didn’t know what to do. We did a little high five and then he gave me a hug. It was nice to have a gentleman and not a guy trying to do anything else on the first date.

I left that night with butterflies in my stomach and looking forward to the following weekend. There was something about him that was different than any guy I had gone out with up here (or anywhere for that matter). He had manners, wasn’t looking to get laid just because he paid for my dinner, took charge and made plans for the second date before leaving, and made me comfortable enough to eat in front of (which is a big deal for me). I knew this guy was different when I got home to find he had sent a text making sure I made it safely.

Looking forward to sharing date number 2 with you later. Until next time…xoxo….Julie


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