Sushi and a movie with Rental Car guy

Date #2…sushi and a movie. Like I mentioned in my previous post, Rental Car guy and I had already made plans for a second date before leaving our first date. I was looking forward to the date from the minute he dropped me off at my car at the end of our first date. My excitement only grew throughout the week as we started to text more (only way to really communicate with someone when you are on opposite shifts/schedules). One thing I always looked forward to was the “good morning” message I would wake up to each morning. It doesn’t compare to the “good morning, Love you!” text from my dad but it was a close second. As the week went on, we talked about what we wanted to do for our second date and we decided on dinner and a movie. The deal was, he would pick the restaurant and I would pick the movie.

Once again, he offered to pick me up and I was so excited to spend as much time with him as possible, I agreed to let him do it this time. We decided we both wanted sushi so he found a great sushi place near my new house. If you are in the Kirkland, Washington, area and want sushi – I highly recommend Rikki Rikki. I absolutely love going to the movies and the girlier the better but I really wanted to see American Sniper and figured a guy would like that better than a chick flick. Although he had already seen the movie, he was a gracious and saw it again.

When the movie was over, we just sat in silence for a minute (that movie does that to you) and then we got up and walked to the car (for you southern ladies wondering, he always opens my door for me). When we got to my house, we talked about our schedules and planned another date the following weekend. We hugged and he gave me a sweet kiss on the cheek – you talk about butterflies…they were really flying that night! I was on cloud nine and could hardly wait for my “good morning” text the next day and our date the following weekend.

Until the next date and next time…xoxo…Julie


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