Date # 3: Cuban food and a look into his life

Alright…I made it to week and date #3…which is 3 more than I usually get 🙂 Leading up to the date was interesting…let me fill you in…and the picture painting begins…

I work with all guys (there is 1 other female in my area) so I get a lot of advice/input from guys. I don’t talk to many people about my personal life but I have become close to one of my co-workers (he is like my girlfriend now since all of my girlfriends disappeared and unfriended – literally – when I started working second shift) and he kept telling me I had been friend-zoned. Because of that, I kept my options opened and didn’t put all of my eggs in one basket. So, Rental Car guy and I kept texting throughout the week and since I work nights and he had plans already with friends on Saturday – we decided on dinner on Sunday.

Although I was smitten with Rental Car guy, I decided to keep my options open and go on a date with Lawyer Boy (it sounds better than guy). Throughout the emails with Lawyer Boy, I got the feeling I didn’t want to meet (because I knew it would go nowhere) but I figured, what the heck – I can try a new breakfast place in Seattle and pick up flowers at the market afterwards. So, Lawyer Boy and I had brunch on Sunday – the morning of the same day I was seeing Rental Car guy. As I expected, he is one of those people who lives in Seattle, works in Seattle, and never leaves Seattle. When I got there, I was immediately not physically attracted to the guy but thought, just maybe, we could have good conversation and be friends. How wrong I was! It was the most painful and awkward meal! His voice was terrible, he complained about everything being too thick – the bacon, the pancakes, the orange juice – was all too thick. I knew the orange juice was because he left specks of pulp on his beard! That wasn’t even the worst part…he asked the waitress to box up MY food so he could bring it home! I am sure I didn’t give him a fair chance because I thought about Rental Car guy the entire time…I mean, how can a guy give you butterflies when you aren’t even with him?

After the worst date possibly ever (yeah, even Mr Microsoft wasn’t this bad), I decided to go home and take a nap. I woke up and looked in the mirror and wanted to cancel. My make-up had worn off (I could freshen that) and my hair was flat on one side and a fro on the other (thanks curly hair). I also had some blemishes that were impossible to hide. We didn’t hide anything from each other and always said what we were thinking, so like always, I sent him a text telling him I wanted to cancel because I looked terrible but I really wanted to see him. He told me that it was a no judgment zone and he was sure I looked pretty and to come on over. He always made me feel so comfortable, so I figured, what the heck – if he doesn’t like my imperfections, then better to find out now.

I told him to pick a place near his house for dinner since the first two dates he came over near my place – you know, try to let him know I was interested. He picked a little hole in the wall the cuban restaurant, Mojito. The food was delicious and the conversation was, once again, wonderful and easy-flowing. After dinner, we headed back to his place so he could go to bed and I could get my car. We both live in mother-in-law units and I asked how his was set up (example, share an entrance, have a connecting door, etc.) and he asked if I wanted to come in and see. Of course, I said yes – I am curious like that. He showed me his place and we sat and talked for about an hour. We were both getting tired and he needed to go bed so we started to say good-night. Before that though, I embarrassed myself again and blurted out something stupid like I did on the first date. I asked in the most awkward way, “So, are we going to see each other again?” I know it seems like a simple question but my facial expression screamed, “Please say yes! I hope you say yes! I don’t know for sure you will 100% say yes.” Of course, he said we would see each other again. He walked me to my car, gave me a hug, a small kiss on the cheek and told me let him know I made it home (such a gentleman move that most guys forget about these days). I smiled the entire way home and couldn’t wait to see him again. I know, without a doubt, it was that day that I developed feelings of more than just friends with him – and that scared me!

Until date #4 and next time…xoxo…Julie


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