Date 5: The Friend Test – do they approve or not?

So, I got back from my trip to Phoenix – which was awesome and I will blog about but figured I should continue with the Rental Car guy story since people keep asking about it – and was looking forward to date #5 the following weekend (as long as I didn’t have to work). Rental Car guy had mentioned going out with his friends to a charity event for The Chive on St Patty’s Day weekend so we decided that we would do that Saturday night. As the week progressed, we thought about spending Saturday afternoon together at his house watching movies and relaxing before his friends got there which I thought was a great idea since I was super nervous about meeting them…and [hopefully] getting their approval.

My little brother called me towards the end of the week and said he was in Oregon and wanted to drive up and spend the weekend together. I was so excited because my new landlords were (and still are) so amazing and told me that my brother and his adorable dog Scoobs could stay at my place – so he ventured up this way!

Saturday rolls around and my nerves are going non-stop…I mean, I had the friend test coming up that night! I was due to be at Rental Car guys house at 3:30 and my little brother called me around 2 to tell me he would be to my house around 5. He knew I had prior plans and told me to go ahead with those and he and Scoobs would let themselves in and just relax. I gave him info to get in the house and thought everything would be okay.

I got to Rental Car guys house around 4 and within about 30 minutes my little brother had called and was having trouble getting in the house. I tried to walk him through it but we couldn’t get it to work. I told Rental Car guy that I was going to run home and let him in – he offered to come with me – so, you guessed it – he met my little brother. They clicked right away which was a relief for me. Rental Car guy and I were going to grab dinner on the way back to his house but he was sweet and asked if my brother wanted to go with us. Guess where we went? Rikki Rikki for sushi and a stroll down memory lane from our second date. My little brother and Rental Car guy talked the entire time which made me so happy! After dinner, we headed back over to his house and waited for his friends.

His friends showed up and they were so sweet and welcomed me with open arms and big hugs. We had a drink and then headed out. When we got where we going a few of us looked at each other like we don’t belong there but decided to go and have fun since one of the people was really looking forward to it. We stayed for about an hour or so and then decided to take the party to his friend’s house. We stopped by Rental Car guys house, grabbed our overnight bags, shared our first kiss (exactly a month from when we met) and headed to his friend’s house. We all stayed up talking, drinking, and enjoying each others company until about 2 or 3am…which was way too late for me!

We woke up around 9 and laid in bed talking. His friend sent him a text around 10 to see if we were awake and still wanted to go to brunch. We sent my little brother a text to make sure he still wanted to go and we all got up and ready to head to brunch at my Sunday brunch spot, Stricker’s. I was worried they would’t like it since it is a little hole in the wall place but everyone seemed to enjoy the food and each others company. We talked about all kinds of things – Rental Car guy even asked if any of them wanted to join in our baseball stadium trips we had talked about. After lunch, I went back to get my car and headed home so my little brother and I could venture out and see Seattle (will blog about that one too).

Sounds like everything was great – right? Well, he went on a stay-cation and spent Wednesday-Thursday at his friend’s house for their annual March Madness hang-out time/drinkfest. I didn’t get my morning messages – in fact, I didn’t get many text messages that week. The few I did get seemed to be meant for someone else – as if they were in the middle of a conversation. I figured it was because he was with his buddies that I didn’t hear from him but that trend didn’t seem to change when he was “back to reality”. I figured since we had not seen each other in two weeks that he would be excited to see me – but he wasn’t. I got the hint – either he wasn’t interested, his friends didn’t approve of me, or he met someone else. I sent him a text letting him know it is okay to be honest with me and I could tell things were different. He just associated it with us not seeing each other for a while.

As the weeks went on, I just figured it was over and had started to move on (and go on other dates – which I will blog about) and then what does he do? Sends a text message telling me that he was sorry he hadn’t gotten back to me in a while but that he was doing some thinking and observing and wasn’t sure what he thought at the moment. I told him take all the time he needed and that he could come pick up his jacket (I was nice and got  it fixed at the dry cleaners when I took my pants) and a shirt I had gotten him as gift on his way home from work one day – which I still have. He will send a text message every now and again but then takes hours to respond. Let’s be real – he doesn’t want to be friends – he just wants to make sure he gets his jacket and shirt. I am looking forward to getting rid of his things and completely deleting him from my life. I thought things were promising with this guy but he has turned out like every other guy I have met. If he doesn’t come get his stuff this weekend is it wrong of me to just drop it on his door step?

I know this little “love” story didn’t end like we thought it would but better things are in store. My life has changed in the last few weeks and I am glad to be leaving that chapter behind and starting a new one with all blank pages. Say good-bye to Rental Car guy!

The first picture Rental Car guy sent me...and the only one I have.

The first picture Rental Car guy sent me…and the only one I have.

Until next time…xoxo…Julie


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