A quick recap of Memorial Day Weekend and another first date!

The weekend started off by me getting invited to go have a drink or two with some friends/co-workers after work on Friday. After a drink (or two) and lots of conversation, I decided to go over to the park and sit by the water for a little before heading home. I ended up getting a call from a guy who (we shall give him the nickname, Anonymous) I was supposed to go out with on Saturday asking what I was up to – little did I know,  he was near by and decided to join me. We sat by the water and talked in the park until 9:30 (5 hours!) when they were getting ready to close and lock the gates. After getting home, he gave me a call to make sure I made it home safely (how sweet?!?!) and continued to talk until midnight (he said he wanted to talk to my until the morning – I know, cute). I could have talked to him until the sun came up but I needed to get some sleep since I was hiking in the morning.

After months of physical therapy, I was finally given the “ok” to try some of my old physical activities…just in time for Memorial Day weekend. I had been cleared to walk/jog a little bit a few weeks before but I thought the long weekend would be a good one to try a hike – at least I would have a few days to recover if my hip didn’t do well. I have become friends with a 56-year-old guy at work (we will call him JW) who enjoys the outdoors and wanted to start hiking again so I figured we could go together… and with my hip still not 100%, I figured a 56-year-old was on my activity level. I had heard that Poo Poo Point-Chirico Trail was  a moderate hike with a beautiful view at the top, so we decided to give it a try.

The hike is roughly 3.8 miles round-trip with an elevation of about 1800 feet. We took our time going up – he was winded and my hip was tired – but we never gave up. I was dripping sweat at the bottom and freezing cold at the top…good thing I had my sweatshirt to keep my warm and my camelpack backpack to keep my hydrated. We brought some fruit, cheese, and crackers to snack on for energy which was so wonderful at the top. We sat up there enjoying our snacks while taking in the view and watching the paragliders taking off. My hip was exhausted and sore but the view was worth every bit of discomfort.

The view from about half way up the mountain

The view from about half way up the mountain

Thank goodness for the hooded sweatshirt...

Thank goodness for the hooded sweatshirt…

And the paraglider is up and away

And the paraglider is up and away

Me and the amazing view at the top!

Me and the amazing view at the top!

After the hike, I went home, laid on the couch and almost fell asleep – until I was woken up from light sleep by my phone going off…it was Anonymous giving me a call to figure out our plans for the night. I didn’t want to have to plan anything, so I told him I could drive over towards his part of town to go out. I jumped in the shower, did my hair, threw on some make-up, and an outfit that said “I can look good but I am not trying too hard” and then rushed out the door. I pulled up to his place and with my heart racing, I made my way up to his front door. He opened the door and looked so handsome yet so comforting and when he hugged me, all of my nerves disappeared. We got in the car and headed to a cute little local restaurant, Tin Room Bar, for dinner. Dinner was tasty and the conversation flowed effortlessly. After dinner, we headed back towards his place and stopped by a local bar (I forgot the name) to have a few drinks, more conversation, and enjoy some live music – not going to lie – I don’t remember much of the music because I was so focused on the company with me and the conversation. After drinks, we went back to his place and spent more time together talking and enjoying each other’s company. We stayed up until about 1:30 in the morning talking…

…Sunday morning – I don’t really remember what all I did other than relaxing, doing laundry, and picking Monday’s hike with my friend Lex. Lex had to work Monday afternoon, so we decided to do an easy hike that we knew my hip could handle – Twin Falls. When Lex got off work Sunday night, I headed over to his house – I slept in one of the extra rooms so I could sleep in a little Monday morning since his house is about 25 minutes closer than mine and we were going to ride together. We got up Monday morning, stopped for coffee at Starbucks, and made our way to the hike. Twin Falls is roughly a 3 mile hike round-trip with an amazing view at the turn-around point. About .75 miles in, there was a fence closing the trail due to part of it being washed away. Having gotten a sneak peek of the falls, we were determined to get all of the way…even if it meant climbing over!

The sneak peak of the falls...

The sneak peak of the falls…

And the climb begins...

And the climb begins…

and we are over...

and we are over…

The view up close and personal...totally worth going on the

The view up close and personal…totally worth going on the “closed” path

two peas in a pod

two peas in a pod…with a waterfall behind us!

After the hike, Lex headed to work and I headed home! I was tired, my hip was tired, and I needed to prepare for the week. I was sad the weekend was coming to an end but I knew this weekend was just a sneak peek of how amazing the summer was going to be! More parks, hikes, dates, and good times are in store.

Until next time…xoxo….Julie


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