Falling in love…

With the beautiful sunshine, clear skies, and amazing weather of Seattle so far this summer! Everyone says that the summer time in Seattle is worth the months of rain and dark skies – and I must agree. This has been the first time since moving here that I have been around the entire time to witness the change in seasons (if you have been following me for a while, you know I used to travel quite a bit for work) and have totally fallen in love.

Two summers ago when I wasn’t traveling, I loved going to Gas Works Park on the weekend. I would pack a picnic and head out there with my friend Cindi or by myself if she wasn’t available. The view is amazing (Seattle skyline, anyone?) and the breeze from the water makes it tolerable to be out there all day. I haven’t been out there as much lately for a few reasons: the hill has been closed as it prepares for the 4th of July and because I have been enjoying some of the parks closer to my new house in Kirkland.

Sometimes, I enjoy the parks during my afternoon run along the waterfront (sometimes, a girl and her bad hip just need a break and some sunshine) or on the weekends when I pack a snack, a book, and a blanket. So far I have thoroughly enjoyed the following parks:

David E Brink Park: Wonderful to take a break 3/4 of the way through the run or to just go down there and enjoy the beautiful weather and scenery. Can get a little crowded on a nice day.

Juanita Beach Park: Right on the water and has some sand (hence the name) but tons of places to sit on the grass if sand in your shoes isn’t your thing. SUPER crowded and very tiny parking places. I think I could go super early in the morning but it gets a little hectic if you are looking to relax.

Juanita Bay Park: On the other side of the water from Jaunita Beach Park but a totally different feel. There is peace and quiet and lots of paths to take for a nice walk/run. Here are some pictures from the little stroll I took:

So peaceful...

So peaceful…

and so quiet

and so quiet

Sat down for a few right next to this cute little flower

Sat down for a few right next to this cute little flower

Houghton Beach Park: Super crowded with lots of people from those laying out in bikinis to the guys getting ready to wind surf to people play beach volleyball. If you like to people watch (which I do) this is a great park for you! There is also a local restaurant with a bar in case the people lead you to drinking 🙂

Last but not least: Waverly Beach Park: I love coming down here. Not only does it remind me of my little brother (who discovered it) but it is quiet (unless late in the afternoon on a busy day when school is out) but the views of Mt Rainier on a clear day is breathtaking!

I miss Gas Works Park and plan on going soon but in the mean time, I am enjoying my new neighborhood, what is has to offer, and exploring the surrounding area with the guy I went out with in my last post (more to come on that later).

Until next time…xoxo…Julie


4 thoughts on “Falling in love…

  1. Seattle Park Lover says:

    Great post with park tidbits. I was just studying a map looking at the parks in Kirkland, wondering if I should eventually check some of them out. I’m across the lake from you in north Seattle. I don’t like crowds so the others don’t sound very appealing, at least in the summer, but Waverly sounds interesting.

      • Seattle Park Lover says:

        It really depends on my mood. Sometimes I want lots of trees, sometimes I want the lake, and sometimes a big view. My blog is devoted to parks, which is why I like reading what other bloggers have to say about them. So far I’ve only been covering north Seattle and Shoreline, but I’ll expand over time. You can look at the photos of previews I’ve done so far too see if any of them look worth the drive to you.

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