Recapping what was a wonderful month…and maybe the start to something…

It has been quite a while since my last blog and my month of weekend dates but if you want to see how it all started, you can read the blog post in which I introduce you to Anonymous.

Friday, May 29th, I was hoping that I would hear from Anonymous about getting together that night (or weekend). I got home from and relaxed on the couch and was pleasantly surprised with a text about doing something that night together. To avoid coming off as high maintenance and to leave our options for the night open, I decided to throw on some cute casual clothes (pink khakis, a white top, and tennis shoes) and headed over to his place. When I got there, we cuddled on the couch for a little bit and then decided to go for a walk at Lincoln Park and then grab a bite of dinner. The walk in the park was nice, relaxed, and created an environment for great conversation. We had dinner at another little local place which had a delicious BBQ pork sandwich – yep, I was the girl who didn’t eat a salad at dinner 🙂 After dinner, we headed back to his place and hung out for a little bit. As it got closer to bed time, he asked me if I wanted to spend the night. At first I wasn’t going to since I had to get up early the next morning and work but he convinced me when I told me I still had a toothbrush there and could borrow some shorts and a t-shirt. We spent the night laying in bed talking…until I fell asleep in the middle of the conversation, which he informed me of the next morning when he woke me up for work (well, to go home and shower before work).

Fast forward a week to Friday, June 5th. I went to physical therapy right after work and then went straight home and crashed on the couch. I woke up around 7:30 to a text message from Anonymous asking what I was doing and if I wanted to do something. I figured he would have already made other plans since I was responding 2 hours later from when he text me but to my surprise, he had made other plans and still wanted to do something. I showered, packed a bag (just in case I stayed the night), and headed over to his house. It was roughly 9:30pm when we went out so we went to a local bar, Shadowland, and had some appetizers and drinks. He has really gotten to know me and ordered my beer and our food. When the drinks arrived he made sure I liked what he chose for me and when the food was delivered, he served some of my plate before serving himself – what a gentleman! We finished our apps, ordered another round, then headed home for the night. We got home, put on pajamas, brushed our teeth (yep, together), I washed my face, then we headed to bed. We woke up the next morning and decided to go for a walk around Green Lake to start the day. The weather was perfect – after walking in the park we decided we didn’t want to go home and decided to venture out some more. We thought about going to Gas Works Park (which is one of my favorite places in the summer) but the hill was closed in preparation for July 4th, so we decided to go to Ballard Locks since I had never been there. We spent some time enjoying and exploring there (was nothing what I thought it would be) and then headed to lunch – it was 2:30 and we hadn’t eaten yet. After lunch, we went back to his place and relaxed for a little bit and then I headed home (can’t over-stay my welcome, right?).

Fast forward another week to June 12th. After work, I had a few drinks with friends then got a text message from Anonymous asking what I was doing. I responded, “I was hoping something with you” – thought this was flirty but also showing I was interested in him (sometimes, I am not really good at showing my interest). We talked a little about what we would do and couldn’t figure out a definite plan so he suggested we ride up to my place, pack a bag for the weekend (didn’t see that one coming) and then figure out a plan from there. We got to my place and talked about options for the weekend (I needed to have an idea of what to pack). We laughed because we had figured out options for Saturday but never thought about what we would do that night. We tossed out the idea for a movie and decided to see Jurassic World (it was opening night and we knew we were crazy but thought, what the heck). He was concerned that I hadn’t had dinner or an afternoon snack and kept trying to throw dinner in there but I just wasn’t that hungry. Instead, we opted for a large popcorn and coke at the movies. It was so cute – every time he would take a sip of coke, he would hold the cup over for me to take a sip. We ate our popcorn and enjoyed the movie (except for the few minutes he fell asleep which I can’t blame him – there were some parts that could have been shortened). After the movies we went home (his house), brushed our teeth, and went to bed. Saturday morning – we woke up early (roughly 9am). We laid in bed and talked for a little bit and then finally decided how to spend our day. We had talked about different parks but settled on going to Vashon Island for the day…we could venture out but most of all – I could ride the ferry! The ferry ride was beautiful:

Loved the view on the ferry ride

Loved the view on the ferry ride

When we got to Vashon Island, we parked the car and walked around the little market they had in town. We tried some locally brewed beer and worked up an appetite. We were going to have lunch at The Hardware Store which I was really looking forward to since it had good reviews on yelp and the food looked delicious when we walked in. Unfortunately, we saw someone we knew when we got there and had to make a bee-line out the door. Bummer! There was a little Mexican restaurant, Casa Bonita, around the corner that looked good so we decided to go there. The nachos were delicious and the outdoor patio was a great place to enjoy the weather while enjoying the food and company. After lunch, I convinced Anonymous to go to the little, local coffee shop, The Vashon Island Coffee Roaster. Not only did they have a fabulous iced coffee (which we ordered to share and take on the road/walk) but they had the locally brewed beer so we got a glass of that and sat on the porch to enjoy the weather…and cool down from the 1.5 miles walk (apparently, Anonymous doesn’t understand what a few blocks down is).

Yummy strawberry blonde locally brewed beer

Yummy strawberry blonde locally brewed beer

Along the walk, we saw beautiful flowers, stopped at some antique shops, I got lectured for walking too close to the street (I would go to the left of him sometimes), and ran into a friend of his who was driving by. His friend turned around and offered us a ride but Anonymous told him I would be disappointed if we didn’t walk…then he invited us to enjoy a few drinks with him and his family at the country club so we did that – after we stopped at the store and got us a water to share and some allergy medicine for my puffy, runny eyed Anonymous. On the way to the country club, I saw a sign for a lighthouse and got super happy (like a little kid according to Anonymous) and asked if we could go before we caught the ferry later. After the country club, we went to see the lighthouse and, I don’t care what he says, it was totally worth it – beautiful scenery and romantic with just the two of us there.

Mt Rainier in the background...behind the lighthouse

Mt Rainier in the background…behind the lighthouse

Loved this view wrapped in his arms

Loved this view wrapped in his arms

After the amazing day we had, we made our way to the catch the ferry back. Not only did it take us roughly 3.5 hours to get back, we saw a screaming match between two people (one tried to cut in the ferry line) that almost turned into a fight. We were so tired, we didn’t even make it out of the car and to the top of the ferry on the ride back…in fact, he had to wake me up when we got back to West Seattle. We got home that night, brushed our teeth, threw on pajamas and went straight to bed, Needless to say, we slept in on Sunday and spent the day being lazy.

I hope you enjoyed the amazing month (in a nutshell) as much as I did.

Until next time…xoxo…Julie


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