I wish I wasn’t so popular…

I am anything but popular but I always seem to be popular amongst the rumors in the workplace. I always said I wouldn’t post about work because I have had a fabulous career thus far and know that it will only get better and bring even more amazing experiences but I just have to get this off my chest (which is pretty big).

It seems like no matter where I have worked, there has been “office drama” and gossip/rumors. I don’t understand that and probably never will but it really boggles my mind the older I get (turning 30 soon, WOOHOO!). I started working in “corporate America” (not posting my company’s name so if you know it, please do not post it in a comment) when I was 22. I was the youngest person in my job code by at least 15 years; however, I felt like I was more mature than most of them. They talked about how I dressed (skirts, dresses, heels, black pants), how I “flirted” with any man in the office (asking how someone is and smiling is NOT flirting where I come from), how I tried to make them look bad by being faster at tasks than them, how I was out to take their job because I was learning other skill sets, and how I thought I was better than them because I had an education (which I NEVER talked about). They never asked how I was adjusting to living 10+ hours from home and all by MYSELF, if I had any questions about the area, or simply how I was doing? Instead, they did everything to tear me down and make me feel bad about myself. My parents taught me treat others how you want to be treated, which I did – the women just didn’t treat me the same way. My parents also¬†taught me that you don’t build yourself up by tearing others down so this really confused me…especially from women well into their 40s! I continued to work hard, smile, and treat people with respect…and then I moved to another part of the country for a promotion and then moved on from there (after almost 2 years) for another promotion in another part of the country. Fast forward almost 4 years to today!

I am about to turn 30 but feel like I am back to where I was when I was 22! Surrounded by people who have a HUGE misconception of who I am and are trying to tear me down to build themselves up! I am just as confused today as I was then – actually, I am more confused today! As I have gotten older, I have found that I find extreme happiness in building up those around me! I strive to find the best in everyone and be the most incredible friend to those of whom I choose to surround myself. I have gone from being an office administrator to a manager in a production world. I am surrounded predominately by men. I always thought women were the worst at gossip but I have come to conclusion that people are bad at gossip…especially jealous people who are not satisfied with their life. I also find that the better I am at whatever it is I am doing, the more people are out to get me. If I was as popular as people make me out to be, I would be one cool SOB. Unfortunately, I am not that popular – I haven’t slept my way to the top, I haven’t dated people at work (hell, I barely date outside of work), I haven’t slept with people, I haven’t talked poorly about others. In fact, I have worked on bettering myself, eating healthier, working out (now that my hip is getting better), accomplishing goals I set out to do (doing a half marathon before turning 30), volunteering my time to organizations, collecting clothes for the homeless, helping people who work for me go after their goals, being the best friend, daughter, aunt, and sister I can be, and finding the simple pleasures in life. Nowhere in that last do you see hurting other people! Have I done that – you bet! But it was never on purpose and I have always apologized when I know I have done that.

I hope that one day, just one, that people will find their happiness in life and stop hurting other people so they build themselves up. For those of you who have hurt me by spreading rumors, talking poorly about me, or thinking negative things – I forgive you. For those who you do those things to other people – STOP! It does not build anything but hurt and heartbreak in others and hatred in your heart. Stop focusing on others and start focusing on yourself!

End of rant…I just had to get it off my DD chest!

Until next time…xoxo…Julie