When one door closes..

…another one opens.

October 2014 – I started my job as a production manager…something everyone most people said I could never do…well guess what folks? I did it and kicked ass! Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would work for an aerospace company (again, if you know where I work, please do not say the name anywhere) much less become a production manager! I started with the company as an office administrator and thought it would pay the bills, get me insurance, and some work experience until I found something in sports (what I majored in); however, I have grown in my career with the company but most importantly, I have grown as a person!

This Friday, I will be starting another job (seems like I am always starting another job) working with the same company but on a new program. I am taking on a new role but out of management – I know, I just said I kicked ass so why I am leaving management? Well, like every other job I have gotten, I saw a job that looked fun, randomly applied, got an interview (nailed it), got an offer, then thought – why not accept it and take on a new challenge and learn something else. I am filled with mixed emotions and still wonder if I made the right choice – but thing happen for a reason, right?

Most people go into management for the money – I went into management for the opportunity to influence others and help them grow. Little did I know that I would influence others, help them grow, make friends, and be influenced by the same people! I have struggled throughout my time as a manager wondering if I am good enough, am I smart enough, am I doing enough to help those around me, or if I am failing like most people thought I would. The past few months I have had some incredible moments (my team throwing me a surprise birthday party, helping some teammates grow, getting to know my counterpart and hear how I have changed/helped him) but nothing like the last few days. I have been helping the new manager learn the build package and was asked to help with a program level activity the last two days. I never truly believed that my manager had 100% confidence in me until today (of course, right as I am getting ready to leave the program). My job was to teach others the struggles we go through to the build the airplane and “paint the picture” of what holds up our production system. After that, I was supposed to come up with projects for those issues and then prioritize them. He was supposed to be there for all of this but “got called into a meeting” so it was up to me to lead the team. I did what I could with the knowledge I had in my head and when he got back, he looked at me and said, “Great job! I couldn’t have done it any better myself – this  is why I needed you here – we are really going to miss you!” A few moments later, I heard some people talking about “how good I was and how much knowledge is walking out the door when I leave”. For just a moment, I felt really great about myself! For just a moment, I didn’t doubt myself at all!

As hard as it is to be leaving such an amazing team that I have helped grow to become awesome, I know that I am leaving them with a plan to continue improving and even though I won’t be there, I will still be influencing them! I am excited for my new adventure and will take away so many little “tidbits” of knowledge but after today, I will be taking back the confidence I let some of the negative people take away.

I have lots to fill you in on (turned 30, went back home for a visit  – football and Talladega) but wanted to share the exciting news about my new job and the “ah-ha” moment I had today! Never let anyone make you feel any less wonderful than you know you are!

Until next time…xoxo…Julie