Big time adulting moments…


I often wonder this same thing!

Lately, I have heard people say they are “adulting” and never really understood what they meant (and probably still don’t) but think I might have had a few “adulting” moments lately…to name a few: sitting at work talking about being so excited to get home and try dinner since I tried a new recipe, getting my chair fixed, being happy that you got clothes washed, folded, AND put away.

I think my biggest “adulting” moment came when I was excited to wake up early Saturday morning and go to Sam’s Club to get the essentials (toilet paper, paper towels, laundry detergent, etc). I know, most people go to Costco,but I just can’t bring myself to pay a membership fee when my parent’s still let me use their Sam’s Club account. I expected to spend at least $200 stocking up on things and was totally excited when she finished ringing me up and told me the total came to $130! Talk about doing a little dance of happiness!

I don’t know if this is really an “adulting” moment; however, it is a HUGE step for me. When I turned 30 in October I said I was going to stop using the word “fat” to describe myself and it has made such a big difference. I used to get on Pintrest and pin all types of recipes (dinner, smoothies, desserts, etc) but never make any of them because I was constantly skipping dinner. I thought being skinny (which I never was or have been) was more important than giving my body nutrients. I used to weigh myself daily – now just a few times a week (mainly because I don’t like what the thing tells me!

Now – the real “adulting” moments have come from that – cooking dinner and trying new recipes! Since I started my new job in in November, my work schedule finally allows me to go back to zumba (that year off was terrible!) so cooking lately has become using the crock-pot (I don’t like eating too late so cooking when I get home isn’t an option). My dear friend recently got me a new crock-pot that is bigger than my old one AND has a timer (yeah, another “adulting” moment there). We have found some amazing recipes on Pintrest and really enjoy trying a new one each week. We have yet to find one we don’t like but the real test is the answer to our question, “Would you make this again?”…sometimes it is “YES!” and sometimes it is  “yes but I would change this or that”.

I am not the best at remembering to photograph my food but I am getting better since I plan on posting more about the awesome meals I make on the blog – especially since the few times I have posted my meals, people ask for the recipes. Here are some of my recent dinners:

 Jambalaya that was TO DIE FOR (and even better the second day) – I paired it with naan bread



Crock-pot sloppy joe – I didn’t get buns but, instead, a fabulous loaf of french bread


Crock-pot sloppy joe

I also love the following recipes (but don’t have pictures): skinny crock-pot chicken chili, turkey chili, chicken and stuffing, and mac and cheese. There are so many other recipes I have pinned that I am looking forward to trying. You can find them on Yummy, Yummy in my Tummy  page on Pintrest or check the blog often for new posts about my crock-pot adventures.

I decided to give the crock-pot a rest the other day and made a home-made pizza…and by homemade, I mean store bought crust (which was actually really good), spaghetti sauce I had in the pantry, cheese (which I bought already shredded in the bag) and some pepperoni. I was surprised at how good it turned out. See evidence below:


Yummy pizza

The pizza was just as delicious the next day…especially when followed up with an apple and peanut butter:


Next to apples and honey – apples and peanut butter is a favorite

Well – enough about my “adulting” moments for now – but rest assured more will be coming! Oh yeah I need to give a shout out: Thanks to my friend who fixed my reclining chair! I can finally sit up and blog…which is so much easier than lying on my back trying to type…and much better on my back and hip!


I can totally relate!

What’s your favorite crock-pot recipe? Until next time…xoxo…Julie


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