Crock Pottin’

I just sat down after prepping the food for tomorrow’s crock pot dinner – cowboy casserole (will blog about it next week) and decided it was time to blog about the delicious dinner’s I cooked (in the crock pot) last week.

A few weeks ago, I decided that it would be fun to try at least one new recipe a week and last week’s was fabulous! It was raining and cold last week so I was craving comfort food – so the week started off with crock pot chicken pot pie. The recipe was so easy and so much tastier than I could have imagined!


Warm, yummy goodnesss…that’s just the beginning 


The biscuits….oh, the biscuits


The finished product

My taste-tester split their biscuit in half to make their dish resemble more of a traditional chicken pot pie. Either way, it tasted delicious! Last year I made a traditional chicken pot pie and must say – this one was so much tastier, juicier, and most importantly, easier! I truly think this is going to become one of my “go-to” meals.

In addition to trying at least one new recipe a week, I usually cook one meal that I know I enjoy which is just what I did last week when I made the crock pot turkey chili (sorry I forgot to take a picture). I mentioned this in my blog two weeks ago so, of course, it was already on my mind which made it an obvious choice!

I am sure you are wondering (or you might not be) why I decided to cook at least one new meal each week along with a meal that I know I like…so I figured I would explain my silly logic. Don’t laugh but I figured I would get over the fear of trying a new recipe (and it tasting horrible) but just diving in and doing it…but I also thought, if I didn’t like it, I knew I would at least enjoy the other meal that week. So, voila! I am not as scared to try new recipes, have found some really good ones, and continue to grow my love for pintrest and the crock pot. This week I am trying two new recipes…fingers crossed they turn out delicious and that I remember to take pictures.

What are some of your favorite crock pot recipes? What tips do you have for the crock pot? My best tip – invest in crock pot liners (not eco friendly but so awesome for clean-up…especially if you don’t have a dishwasher like me)!

Until next time…xoxo…Julie



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