A St Patty’s Day Plegge Party…

After spending a fabulous long weekend in Phoenix with Leana, sunshine, and baseball, I was having a hard time coming back to Seattle, rain clouds, and no baseball…BUT, I knew I had a wonderful weekend (Saturday night) to look forward to.

Unlike most weekends, I didn’t book tons of things to do…instead, I made a few plans and decided I would relax and unpack in between things planned. The fabulous, and relaxing weekend began with me sleeping in until 7:30 on Saturday! Yes, that is right, 7:30…and that is AM! I moved from my bed to my blue, comfy, reclining chair (that my awesome friend fixed for me a few months ago) and enjoyed not one, but two cups of coffee. After that, my friend took my to pick up my car (my 1st baby), Shaniqua, or SheShe for short. She had been dropped off before my vacation to get her recall taken care of and a few others things to get her feeling fabulous again. Since I was already up north, I decided to hit up Eddie Bauer for a new pair of jeans (a girl can never have too many, right?) and a new sweater (I had been eyeing it and it was 50% off plus another 10% off). Unfortunately (fortunately for my wallet), I didn’t have time to look anywhere else because I had to jet down to my friend house in Ballard for a skype call for Phi Mu. Little did I know, I was going to meet a Phi Mu who is from The University of Tennessee (woohoo Kappa chapter) but living up here in Seattle helping out the chapter during their first year back on University of Washington’s campus. Such a small world sometimes.

After that, I headed home to get ready for my wonderful friend’s St Patty’s Day party. I whipped up a delicious Bailey’s Irish Cream Dip…it went so nicely with the graham cracker sticks and was a big hit at the party. I even had a green bowl to put it all in (I know…such an adulting moment)!


Bailey’s Irish Cream dip…yummy yummy!

I am always envious of people who have a holiday shirt/sweater but never invest in one for a party because I figure I will go straight up introvert and back out at the last minute – but not this time…I had a shirt and was ready to mingle at the party. The friends have the party are such sweet people that I figured anyone at their party was good people – or good enough 🙂


Come on in!

The food at the party was delicious, the entertainment was fabulous, and the evening overall was wonderful! So wonderful, I even stayed until 9:45 (yeah, I normally go to bed between 8 and 9)!


Twinsies with a Jr Host (one of my friend’s daughters)…proud of our holiday shirts

After a busy day Saturday, Sunday just had a few things planned and an afternoon nap was definitely on the list….especially during the big windstorm. Coming back from vacation is never easy, but knowing you have a weekend with friends, parties, and an afternoon nap makes it easier. What do you like to do get back into the swing of things after vacation?

Until next time…xoxo…Julie



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