Tulip Town…twice

I should really be doing some more research for my essay or reading this week’s reading for class but….I going to take a break and write a blog about my two trips to Tulip Town this year because 1) I have not blogged in a while – not that people really read them, 2) I am really far behind on blogging about some fun trips recently, 3) I already know what I am going to write about and have the books to pull from just don’t feel like doing it tonight and 4) I am sure there are plenty of other reasons.

I wanted to go to Tulip Town last year just because of all the great things people said about it and the amazing, colorful pictures people would post; however, I never made it up there last year for whatever reason I don’t remember but, knowing me, I was too afraid to venture up there alone. Normally, doing things alone don’t bother me but when I have a feeling it will be super crowded with a lot of people, I tend to not go if I am alone because it just makes me anxious. This year though, I had a friend (we shall call him, old man friend) who was more than willing to go with me to visit Tulip Town. I think the whole discussion went like this…Me: “I want to go see Tulip Town”. Old man friend: Okay, go get dressed and we will go”. And just like that, we were heading to Tulip Town.


Oh, the colors!

I was in total amazement at the colors and the amount of tulips there. I was in HEAVEN with my camera walking around taking pictures of the beautiful flowers. The weather was amazing – I could not have asked for a better day there!


Me, the new haircut, and the flowers!


Pretty flowers and super blue sky…

My friends that moved here last year (you know, the ones who threw the fabulous St Patty’s Day party?) were talking about going to visit Tulip Town the next week and asked if me and my old man friend wanted to go with them and their kids? I had such an incredible time the weekend before that I didn’t even hesitate accepting the invitation. We decided to make a full day out of it and ended up going to Tulip Town then Deception Pass for a little walk and picnic. Again, the weather was fantastic, the flowers were BEAUTIFUL and had grown so much during the week, and the time with friends was amazing! Here are a few pictures from the day venturing out with friends.


Me and the little one before going into Tulip Town


These had grown so much and were so pretty!


Me and my “mom”…long time inside joke…my sweet friend!


A little walk after lunch


Amazing weather, view, and day out with friends!

As you can see from the pictures, it was an amazing day filled with site-seeing, beautiful views, amazing weather, and fabulous friendships! I love being surrounded with good people  – it is always going to be a great time then. I am already looking forward to visit Tulip Town next year.


Enjoying the view and friends

Until next time…xoxo…Julie