Hiking High Point…

Unlike my blogging, our hiking and outdoor adventures were on a roll earlier this spring/summer. As you might have read from my other recent posts, we hiked Rattlesnake Ledge, the Bus route, and Tradition Lake. During the hike around Tradition Lake, we saw a sign for the High Point trail and decided to give it a try the following weekend. Of course, I did some research on the hike so I had an idea what to expect and like always – it was a bad idea! It never fails, I psych myself out when I read about a trail – it is going to be too hard, too high, hurt my back and neck, I won’t be in shape enough to make it, I will be the big, out of shape girl, etc. As I read about this one, I tried to remain optimistic – even though it starts out steep, it eventually levels out. Ha! LIES! All LIES!


Tons of tall trees providing a little shade on the hot day

Me, my old man friend, and my pilates teacher took off up the trail around 8:15am to beat the heat and crowd. The trail starts out steep with tall trees all around providing some shade and cooler temperatures than when the sun was beating down. It took about 1.5 hours and lots of complaining by yours truly to get to the top. My back hurt, I was hot, I was hungry, and I was wondering when the trail was going to level out. Well, it did – at the TOP! When we made it to the top, we had some snacks, cooled down, and enjoyed the view for a little bit.


Welcome to the top!


When it leveled out!


The 3 hikers


Our usual picture with the sign

I was disappointed in myself for getting frustrated and hangry (especially in front of my pilates teacher since she probably thought I was out of shape) but I am glad I never gave up. I have learned one thing – don’t read about the hike before going – it just makes me nervous and then upsets me if it isn’t like the website describes. This was a good hike and really one for all levels but make sure to eat before you go and don’t expect it to level out until the top. Have you ever been tricked by a website?

Until next time…xoxo…Julie


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