Bio: Hi there! My name is Julie and I am a fabulous, 31 years old, southern belle "stuck" in Seattle for the time being. I have a great job/career, wonderful family, and fantastic friends. I have had the opportunity to live in various cities, states, and countries. I have also been fortunate enough to travel for pleasure as well as for work and hope to continue getting the opportunity. Those experiences have given me a view on things bigger than the town I grew up in - Tuscaloosa, Alabama. I am a lover of sports, photography, the outdoors, animals, family, friendships, and enjoying the simple things in life. I went to school at the University of Tennessee - Knoxville and was a member of Phi Mu Fraternity. I have very southern morals and don't think that will change - no matter where I live! I believe in chivalry, manners, and respect for others. I have high expectations for myself and try to surround myself with people who do the same. Of all of the places I have moved, Seattle has been the most interesting...which is why I have decided to start this blog. I am not an expert on life, dating, moving, social life, etc...BUT, I am great at telling my story (usually with a sense of humor and hint of sarcasm)...so read and enjoy...or ignore and miss out - the option is yours 🙂

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