Bouncing around Boston


Fenway Park and blue skies!

It has been a while (like months) since I have blogged but after moving to Vermont, it has been tough trying to find something worth blogging about. Unfortunately, if you don’t ski or snowboard there isn’t much to do in the winter here other than school work and no one wants to read about that. Just in case you were wondering – I got an A in my class and am still rocking the 4.0! I am taking the summer off from school since the midterm would fall right in the middle of my cross-country road trip this summer (that should give me some good blog material) and I don’t want to worry about that!

When I first moved out here, I was traveling quite a bit so I didn’t realize how little I enjoyed my new town. I cut down on my travel in April to try to help this facility (try being the key word – you can’t help those who don’t want it) and that’s when it hit me – I miss living somewhere that has a lot of stuff to do. In fact, I miss Seattle – a lot! Wow – I never thought I would say that! I finally realized that in order to survive my time here in middle of nowhere Vermont, that I would need to take some weekend trips to places that have things to do and civilization! Hence this post…my friend, Arielle, and I went bouncing around Boston!

It all started when Arielle called me and told me she had gotten tickets from work to the company box at Fenway and she was going to me be her “plus 1”. It sure is nice to have a friend that is appreciated at work (I am at the other plants I support – just not here but that’s okay) and gets tickets to events in a big city! We decided to make a weekend of it and headed over to Boston first thing Saturday morning.

It was marathon weekend and with the last-minute plans – finding a place to stay was a little rough; however, we got a hotel in Brookline and it ended up being PERFECT! It was just a couple of months old and walking distance from the train station (subway – whatever you call it there). We got there early and dropped our things off (they let us check in almost 4 hours early!) and headed into town (maybe a 5 minute train ride into town) to begin out adventure. We tried to cram in as much as we could in a day and I must say – 7 miles later – we did an awesome job! We ate lunch (very important), the Boston Tea Party, rode a carousel in the middle of town, Paul Revere house, Mike’s Pastry (it was Passover so I stuck with gelato but according to Arielle, the cannoli was AH-mazing!), the USS Constitution, Battle of Bunker Hill, and part of the Freedom Trail!


Boston Tea Party


Riding the carousel


Paul Revere House


Mike’s Pastry – at least a 45 minute wait for that 🙂 I need go back when it isn’t Passover so I can try a cannoli!


All aboard…the USS Constitution!


Battle of Bunker Hill


Church on the Freedom Trail

The next day we woke up and headed out the ballgame! We had perfect weather for the entire weekend – especially on game day. The sun was shining and light breeze kept it from getting too hot (I would love some of the sunshine now!) The game was fun, the company box was nice, and the check mark next to that stadium on my list was amazing!


Me and Arielle outside the stadium


Red Sox Win!


In my happy place

The weekend was absolutely perfect! I love baseball and am always happy when I am at a game. I can officially check Fenway off my list of ballparks and could not have picked a better way to do it – free ticket, with a great friend, and in the company box! I was so glad to get away from Vermont for the weekend…except now I want to move to a big city again – of course, I would live in the ‘burbs a little bit away from the city…

I can hardly wait to do this all over again with AnnaBelle and Joel this summer!

Until next time…xoxo…Julie