Little Si…Great family hike

I can’t think of a better way to spend my time while the movers pack up my TVs (I will blog about this soon) than by catching up on my blog.

If you keep up with my blog, I am sure you have noticed this summer was incredible and filled with lots of outdoor adventures – this post is no different. My friend Lex and I went on a little hike last summer and kept saying we should do another…so we did! His oldest son wanted to go on a hike that weekend so we decided on an easy, kid-friendly hike: Little Si. I have wanted to do this hike for a while so I was super pumped when we picked this one (good idea Joel).

Thankfully, Joel didn’t make us get up too early (like usual) but we still hit the road by about 8am. We sipped our coffee along the drive to the starting point of the hike and were ready to go when we got there. The weather that morning was perfect – well, I could have gone for a little more sun – but the temperature was perfect!

We began our stroll and right away I was in love with the hike. You walk into a deep green oasis – trees and greenery surround you and noises of birds and animals ring in your ears.


The beginning of the trail…simply amazing!


Little peaks of sunshine and rocks on the side of the mountain

The trail continues with a few little areas of slight incline, none of which made my whine (miracle, I know!), and in some areas you can see people rock climbing. You couldn’t hear anything but voices of families talking, rock climbers talking to each other, and animals communicating in their native language – animal. Apparently, a family saw a little bear along their hike – let’s just say, I was all eyes and ears as we walked and thankful we never encountered the bear! We made it to the top and even though there were clouds – the view was amazing!


My favorite part of every hike – the view!

In typical Julie and Joel hiking fashion – we brought snacks to enjoy at the top while we admired the view Mother Nature blessed us with at the top of the hike.


The guys enjoying snacks and the view


Love this picture. Just a dad and his son…

In typical Julie fashion (no matter where I am), I took the opportunity to capture beautiful (ha!) memories before we began to head back down.


Group picture…Probably the only one where everyone was smiling AND looking at the camera.


Typical us!


Julie: Let’s take a picture Joel: NO Julie: Yes Joel: Look over there This was our “best” pictures 🙂

We walked back through the green oasis and stopped along the way to watch the rock climbers (a definite bonus to the hike). When we made it to the end, I was truly sad the hike was over and wanted to do it again – until Lex mentioned lunch! This hike was easy with a little, steady incline but nothing too hard. We passed a few families along the way – some had some young kids so I definitely think this is a very family-friendly hike. If you are looking for an easy hike on the weekend, I would highly recommend this. You can go quickly and be done a couple of hours or you can take your time and watch the rock-climbers and enjoy a snack at the top. Either way, you can’t go wrong with this hike!


Lex and his kiddo with the sign – you have to take one with the sign!


Me and Joel with the sign…it’s our thing and usually the only picture he smiles for 🙂

Until next time…xoxo…Julie