Mount Rainier…simply amazing!


This is the view from my car while eating our sandwiches after the hike

I haven’t been posting lately because I have been spending so much time with friends in the sunshine and doing school work in the other little bit of free time I have had. With that being said, the typical Seattle “doom and gloom” weather is rolling in (with big storms this weekend) so I won’t be doing much other than schoolwork so I figured I would get motivated to do some writing for school by writing about something that was absolutely amazing and breathtaking…my climb up/around part of Mount Rainier this summer.

June 4th: a perfect day to venture out to Mount Rainier – sun shining with a few clouds scattered in the gorgeous blue sky. The night before we packed out camelbaks, some bread and lunch meat to make sandwiches, some fruit, and chips for after the hike. Of course, we also packed our hiking shoes and poles (which I will touch on shortly). We had everything ready to leave first thing in the morning!

We woke up bright and early (well, it wasn’t really bright out since we got up before the sun was out) and hit the road. Before we even drove a mile, we stopped for coffee and Joel’s brownie (it’s his breakfast before every hike now). We drove and drove and drove for what felt like forever but I think it was only maybe 2 hours (cue “are we there yet?”) until we got there. I forget which gate we went in but we had about a 20 minute drive once we got in the park until we reached our destination (I think Paradise was where we started – that is really the name). I don’t know why they call it Paradise but it could definitely be because some of the magical sites you see along the way like these:


This pops up out of nowhere along the winding road. **hits the brakes to get a picture**


I wonder why they call this Reflection Lake 🙂

The parking lot was full so we made out own parking spot about half a mile down. From there, we began our trek. The hiking poles – you remember those? Well, someone (aka: Joel) told me that I wouldn’t them so I should just leave them in the car because he doesn’t want me to complain when I end up carrying them since “they won’t work in the snow.” Well, let me just tel you this – that was the LAST time I listened to him about my hiking poles! I believe the first 15 20 minutes I complained whined (yep, that’s me) about not having them because I would take one step in the snow and slide back 2 steps. Once I realized whining wasn’t going to help me and that Joel would just continue walking and leave me that I might as well save my breath and get to stepping!

We climbed and climbed and climbed and came across this amazing little spot without snow that you could sit and overlook everything below and miles into the distance. We sat there for a bit to enjoy the quiet (not many people made it that far or to that side – not going to lie, I think I resisted a little because I was scared), the scenery, and watch some people training for the climb and overnight stay at the top.


The view of the mountain from our little spot

After sitting there and enjoying a few snacks (those tend to make me happy so  stop whining and complaining – what can I say, I get hangry!) we continued our trek upward. The scenery was breathtaking and no words can really describe the experience.  We didn’t go all the way to the top but I can only imagine how life-changing that experience would be – if only I was 95% more in shape 🙂


A different view from the hike (I am facing Rainier). Simply beautiful everywhere you look!

Who would have thought you actually be warm in capris and tank top while your feet and stepping on snow? Not me! Who would think to continue to apply sunscreen so you don’t get burned? Not us! We hiked for about 3 hours and would have loved to keep going but the sun was melting the now making it very hard to keep going (yep, my hip started to get tired which makes my knee hurt) so we enjoyed the view a little bit longer and took in every bit of the experience that we could.


Pretty far up but still a long ways to go….I am going to miss this…

We decided to started heading back since it was getting colder, the snow was melting, and my hip (and knee) were killing me. I will admit, if I had brought a light jacket and my hiking poles, I would have pushed through the pain to keep going. We got back to the car and made sandwiches to eat with a snow-covered mountain view. It was an incredible experience and I would do it all over again…but with my hiking poles! If you ever get the chance to go to Mount Rainier – I would highly recommend it – even if you don’t hike, just driving through the National Park is incredible!

Until my next hike…xoxo…Julie



Hiking High Point…

Unlike my blogging, our hiking and outdoor adventures were on a roll earlier this spring/summer. As you might have read from my other recent posts, we hiked Rattlesnake Ledge, the Bus route, and Tradition Lake. During the hike around Tradition Lake, we saw a sign for the High Point trail and decided to give it a try the following weekend. Of course, I did some research on the hike so I had an idea what to expect and like always – it was a bad idea! It never fails, I psych myself out when I read about a trail – it is going to be too hard, too high, hurt my back and neck, I won’t be in shape enough to make it, I will be the big, out of shape girl, etc. As I read about this one, I tried to remain optimistic – even though it starts out steep, it eventually levels out. Ha! LIES! All LIES!


Tons of tall trees providing a little shade on the hot day

Me, my old man friend, and my pilates teacher took off up the trail around 8:15am to beat the heat and crowd. The trail starts out steep with tall trees all around providing some shade and cooler temperatures than when the sun was beating down. It took about 1.5 hours and lots of complaining by yours truly to get to the top. My back hurt, I was hot, I was hungry, and I was wondering when the trail was going to level out. Well, it did – at the TOP! When we made it to the top, we had some snacks, cooled down, and enjoyed the view for a little bit.


Welcome to the top!


When it leveled out!


The 3 hikers


Our usual picture with the sign

I was disappointed in myself for getting frustrated and hangry (especially in front of my pilates teacher since she probably thought I was out of shape) but I am glad I never gave up. I have learned one thing – don’t read about the hike before going – it just makes me nervous and then upsets me if it isn’t like the website describes. This was a good hike and really one for all levels but make sure to eat before you go and don’t expect it to level out until the top. Have you ever been tricked by a website?

Until next time…xoxo…Julie